Description and Size: The Northern Pike vary in color from dark shades of green to olive green and brown, with seven to nine rows of yellowish spots. The underside is white or cream colored. They are equipped with a complex skull and jaw that is full of razor sharp teeth. The state record for Kansas is a 24 lbs., 12 oz. specimen that measured 44 inches by Mr. & Mrs. H.A. Bowman of Manhattan, Kansas. The fish was caught on rod and reel at Council Grove Reservoir

Habitat in Kansas: The Northern Pike can tolerate a broad range of water temperature, clarity, and oxygen content making them a hearty survivor in Kansas but prefer shallow, clear water.

Food: Fish, frogs, crayfish, small mammals, and birds

Reproduction: Spawning takes place in shallow weedy
water during the early spring or late winter. The lack of ideal breeding conditions in Kansas reservoirs have made it hard for the Northern Pike to establish itself in waters around the state.

General: The Northern Pike is one of the easiest fish to catch because it so willing to bite on lures or live bait, and it’s flaky, white meat, has made it a popular game fish in Kansas lakes and reservoirs. Unfortunately the Northern Pike lacks the proper conditions for spawning successfully so stocking is required to keep their numbers at a consistent level.

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